Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Bliss!!!

What a joy to live in grateful bliss! A discussion is on in the vision board class...about remembering to be grateful! I have been living in this state for a few years comes from the knowledge of what is going on in the universe! How wonderful to be seeing all that is happening..and thanks be to God that we were a part of it! It looks like the world is falling apart but we who have been preparing for the "event" are in a state of bliss! We lightworkers have been "in the know" for quite some time now and have been trying to reach the rest of you to be prepared.The economy is not is going through a promised cleansing..."equal distribution of the wealth" if you will....The "bad" seeds are being banished from federal and local government...and replaced by people who are in the know...this is a natural "event" not "catastrophe" It has filled me with wonder how fast people are "catching on"...and seeing what the truth is! I particularly enjoy that we seem to all be coming to a point in time we all agree on..2012... "The Great Event" ..dont want to get into .."told ya so"....but we have been warning everyone!! Now its time to stop all the fretting and find your bliss....we all have such an oppurtunity here to find our true selves again and put this planet back to where it is supposed to be....BLISSFUL! and live a truly blissful life....... We need not worry about what exactly is going to happen in 2012 if you are living your life with blissful purpose..... we will be OK! If you wont do this things will continue to spiral out of control for you and become extremely oppressive. Quite are in control of your stand up and take the reigns!

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  1. Amen. People from East to West...of all cultures.. .are saying just this.