Friday, March 13, 2009

Art..conscious or unconscious?

Hi all! Art is my therapy! We have been having a discussion at the Creative Sparks group about art...Does it come from the conscious mind or the unconscious? I believe both! I will get an idea and if I consciously sit down and try to put it never works..but later I just wander into my studio and start "letting go" of all conscious thought and WHAM...there it is in front of me!! I consciously do this..but it is my unconscious that produces the art!! This has taken a lot of training...I have had a lot in esoterica...but the whole act took several years to polish....and the best part of it was ..I didn't even know it was happening! I now am convinced that my art is my spirituality.... there once was an art teacher Robert Henri, who said "If a certain activity, such as painting, becomes the habitual mode of expression, it may follow that taking up the painting materials and beginning work with them will act suggestively and so presently evoke a flight into the higher state." and now many years later...I think he was right!! Happy art all....

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