Monday, March 2, 2009

love those fur babies!!

Braveheart Spot Most of you know I have 2 large furry members in my family. These 2 cats are my babies...much to their chagrin! Since we moved here the one stand offish guy..Spot...has become quite attached to me. He is everywhere I am...he sits outside the bathroom waiting for me! The other day he was making rounds with up this and that..and dutifully waited outside our bedroom door while I tried to wake Steve..he is very groggy from all his meds in the morning and sometimes gets a little testy. Well..Spot heard this and promptly marched out to Steves chair looking for his shoes...and promptly hacked up a hairball in it! My gotta love him!!!


  1. I just loved seeing and reading about your cats! I'd love to read about all of my friends' cats, actually....which makes me wonder if we should start a kitty blog, one which is shared by cat people? Hmmmmm....I need another blog like a hole in the head.:-)

    By the way, I once had a cat named Spot.

  2. Another Spot!!! We are sooo creative when it comes to pet names...we once had a white dog named whitey!