Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine amulets.....I made these for a few people for Valentines Day..and am getting questions as to what they really are:) No..they are not voodoo! They are Love amulet dolls! In ancient times people carried good luck figurines or dolls as they hunted or dolls are meant to bring luck love and happiness to their owners! OK...I get bored and come up with weird ideas but I cant take credit for this came from my Quilting arts magazine! Of course I had to do it my way....


  1. These are lovely. What a great idea! But, why couldn't we have a GOOD voodoo doll? By the way, the antidote to worrying about whether anyone is reading your blog or liking it, is to not allow comments.:-) It's interesting....What would I write if it were only for myself?

  2. Thanks Chaska! I agree about voodoo:) but my sister even asked why they were black! LOL... no comments....hmmmmmmmm:)