Sunday, March 1, 2009

I get to play with dolls!!

I have spent the winter playing with paper arts...I love it! Took a couple net classes here and there and joined the Creative Sparks group led by Chaska Peacock..she comes up with these cool projects every 4 weeks or so and we all learn and play! We did a prosperity doll for Jan. using her wrapped doll technique....this doll is supposed to be all that we want or wish for for this year! We all had our own interpretation of what she should look like! Mine is all about keeping what I have now and wanting more for my family and friends....after I finished her...I tried my own...Monique is more mainstream..but I had fun creating her..its funny how she had such a bad attitude when I started her..and how she mellowed out after finishing her!! What do you think? Have a wonderful fun filled Sunday!! Smile...Alyce

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