Monday, May 25, 2009

What a crew!!

Jeremy..28 Ashley 21..fiance to TJ.23...
hubby Steve..(birthday boy) and Me...
Had a really nice holiday with my sons and fiance..Andy and our friend Tom were here too...lots and lots of eating!! Happy Memorial day to all!!

Arent the little love birds tooo cute!!:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Day...

Ahhhhhhh...the beginning of the summer it is either cold enough for coats... or warm enough for swimming! This May has been really this week end is going to be hot! There is never a happy medium!! Steves birthday is on the 26 and we always have a party over the week end...since we moved here and dont know many people..our giant parties are down to just the kids and whomever they bring...this year we will have 5 young people (all in their mid to late 20s) imagine that in my tiny house! We set up tents all over the yard and they camp! Going to be a busy holiday....Enjoy yours..... Hugs Alyce

wall painting

Hi Everyone! Finally got the living room painted!! I am doing "my painting" now...theres no rhyme or reason to what I do..just whatever I feel like painting at any time of day.....needs alot of work the mood hits me..... hugs Alyce

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Paper dolls

Im making up for all the times I thought paper dolls were cool and I didnt have any!! However .. my dolls look alot different today than they would have years ago!! Have a nice Thursday all... we are getting more rain!! Hugs Alyce