Sunday, September 6, 2009

My beautiful Mts!!

Thought Id share some pics of my area...Natl Geographic said we have one of the few areas left in the world that has been untouched by man.. The beauty takes your breath away..There is one park about 45 minutes away that is supposed to be the darkest place in the country.. a haven for astronomy buffs..the stars hit horizon to horizon...and you can almost touch the moon! With all this nature comes the animals...stunning and pesky sometimes... a bear is in our yard every day...and the deer and elk walk down the road in the early morning mist... last night I had the most gorgeous little skunk in the yard..almost all white! The night before our bear was sitting in the driveway eating our garbage and leaning up against our truck... the deer path in the yard leads right to my apple trees....we have flying squirrels and black squirrels too....the grey squirrels are rare here...and at night falling to sleep to the rythyms of the frogs and late summer bugs is the best relaxation. I love nature and I love Northern Pa.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ashleys Birthday Zen doodle

Ashleys doll

Ashley was 22 this summer and I re worked an old collectible fairy doll into a new goth doll.... I bought the doll from a store going out of business.. she was a display doll and needed work! Hard to believe she was once a dainty little purple fairy!!

An acrylic experiment... I did this after watching a show on the birth of a star...and used my Cricut die cut machine for the letters... just fooling around!!

Diego quilt

Ryders current favorite thing is Diego... I made a Diego quilt small enough to use in the car...part of birthday present!

Ryders "Car Pocket"

When Ryder was going to the beach on vacation this year .. I made him a "car pocket" to hold all his "Stuff" ....I added a little "pocket buddy" for laughs! Mom said it works!!

Ryders new sand box !

Ryder loves to play in his sand box this summer.. we only had a few days without rain... but he sure enjoyed those days!!

Allies graduation!

My neice Alyce Daubenspeck.. graduated High school this past spring... I made her a commemerative wall hanging.. I cant believe both my neices are in college!! ...and yes.. she was named after me:)