Sunday, March 1, 2009

ah.. the best of intentions...

THE GREAT TORSO TAG EXPERIMENT ..... My New Years resolution was to start a blog...something I have wanted to do for a long time is March 1...better get started! When you think about doing something like this all the old insecurities start to blossom again...will anyone read this?...will I look really dumb?...can I stick to it? Well I have decided to confront that old feeling again..and just do it!! If no one reads it. follows it, or comments....well at least I did it! This could be a great form of therapy or a great way to release....but maybe it will bring comments on my art..or better yet..critiques!! When you live in the middle of no where its hard to find anyone to bounce ideas off of...except for my DH... Steve..and Im sure he gets tired of hearing about it all the please take a look and let me know what ya think!! Love , Luck and Lollipops!! Alyce


  1. Alyce,

    I love your blog! It is gorgeous and so is your artwork.

    your friend from Creative Sparks

  2. Thank you Linda! I should read the comments more often!!