Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still here!!

I know I said that before...the wedding is done..and what a wedding it was! The bride all in Beetlejuice red lace..the groom a jaunty pirate with a gun in his waist! The best man (my older son Jeremy) was a pimp ..(he actually threw his jacket open and asked the poor dear minister how many rings he wanted)he then went on to tell him he had watchs, anything he desired! The pimp had Lovely Ms Paris Hilton on his arm.The other groomsman was a horrible looking court jester with a sweet little love child hippie on his arm!!...It was the most fun pretty and unique wedding! Everything went well except for some minor problems like..did anyone bring anything to play the bridal walk CD on? A scramble to find a CD player and we were on our way!There was one major screw up..photographer never showed up!So..everyone was running around taking pictures ..passing cameras around.....In the end I ended up with 100 pics with the help of my friend Sharon and sister Pat! I will post a few tomorrow..just got an emergency call to watch my little guy a few hours early! So..till next time...

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  1. wow, I'd certainly like to hear more about this one!! love your mountains and creativity!