Sunday, September 6, 2009

My beautiful Mts!!

Thought Id share some pics of my area...Natl Geographic said we have one of the few areas left in the world that has been untouched by man.. The beauty takes your breath away..There is one park about 45 minutes away that is supposed to be the darkest place in the country.. a haven for astronomy buffs..the stars hit horizon to horizon...and you can almost touch the moon! With all this nature comes the animals...stunning and pesky sometimes... a bear is in our yard every day...and the deer and elk walk down the road in the early morning mist... last night I had the most gorgeous little skunk in the yard..almost all white! The night before our bear was sitting in the driveway eating our garbage and leaning up against our truck... the deer path in the yard leads right to my apple trees....we have flying squirrels and black squirrels too....the grey squirrels are rare here...and at night falling to sleep to the rythyms of the frogs and late summer bugs is the best relaxation. I love nature and I love Northern Pa.


  1. Oh yeah?!?! Well, I got a big stinky casino right down the street from my haus!!! :p

  2. Oh, how wonderful, Alyce!!!! And, I'm so happy you are loving it as much as you thought when you made the move.

  3. Hi:
    Did you leave a comment on my Fall Giveaway post?? I wanted to find you so I could tell you that I believe those sorrows (losing your parents) live in us and at about that time, whether or not we acknowledge, there is a feeling memory... Don't know if that makes sense, just wanted to say sorry for such a loss and thank you for stopping by - hope you'll come back to visit!